Welcome to the SEEDS (Social Ecological Economic Development Studies) Sustainability Program. SEEDS creates applied research and interdisciplinary partnerships between students, faculty, staff and community partners to advance sustainability ideas, policies, and practices and create societal impacts by using the Campus as a Living Laboratory.
Sparks collaborations across disciplines and organizations, and tests solutions to sustainability challenges using our Campus as a Living Lab
Enables research collaborations and enhances capacity to find sustainability solutions
Creates opportunities for students to earn course credit, develop professional skills and experience
Supports faculty to integrate applied research and sustainability into curriculum, and provide students with impactful learning experiences


The SEEDS Sustainability Program provides an applied learning experience through collaboration with faculty members, staff, and community partners.


Are you a UBC faculty member who’d like to integrate sustainability curriculum and align applied research projects with learning outcomes? Join our extensive network of partners on campus.

Staff and Community Partners

Do you need applied research to help inform your sustainability strategy? The SEEDS Sustainability Program brings UBC faculty, staff, and community partners together.

Featured Projects

SEEDS projects address a broad range of social, ecological, and economic sustainability issues. Since the program began, over 1,000 projects have been completed through 12 different faculties and schools.

UBC Food System Project

The UBC Food System Project is a collaborative, cross-campus initiative that brings together partners from teaching and learning, operations, and research to improve food systems.


The Campus Biodiversity Initiative: Research and Demonstration (CBIRD) is the first campus-wide initiative of its kind at a Canadian university.


SEEDS is an internationally recognized and replicated program. Applied research projects advance social, ecological and economic sustainability through impactful community-based collaborations.

SEEDS Sustainability Library

The SEEDS Sustainability Library is a comprehensive repository of applied research and knowledge. It’s a key tool for decision makers. Open access applied research reports contribute to a body of knowledge, learning and action to ignite sustainability ideas, policies and practices, and enable the broader community to learn, apply and build on previous research.

Advanced options
Sabrina Sumar, David Yap, Omar (Davin) Gill, Harmanat Buttar Athletics & Recreation: Kavie Toor KIN 464 Community, Wellbeing Kinesiology, School of: Andrea Bundon 2017-2018 PDF
Minxuan (Renee) Huang, Marika Laird, Tracy Leung UBC Food Services: Melissa Baker; VP Students: Rachelle Delaney LFS 450 Community, Health, Wellbeing Land and Food Services, Faculty of: Liska Richer 2017-2018 PDF
Shelby Elkes, Riley Bizzotto, Victoria (Tori) Wood, Matthew Yuen, Balraj Singh Athletics & Recreation: Kavie Toor; Campus + Community Planning: Carole Jolly PSYC 321 Community, Wellbeing Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability: Jiaying Zhao 2017-2018 PDF
Nicolas Choy, Ying Lin (Becky) Tan, Sean Ng, Gianne Navoa, Corey Berdusco Athletics & Recreation: Mike Tan; Athletics & Recreation: Kavie Toor KIN 464 Community, Wellbeing Kinesiology, School of: Andrea Bundon 2017-2018 PDF
Chantel Chizen, Niki Najafi, Abdo Souraya, Paul Quin Yeung Student Housing and Hospitality Services: Paula McCready; Student Housing and Hospitality Services: Victoria Wakefield; UBC Food Services: David Speight LFS 450 Food, Land, Procurement Land and Food Systems, Faculty of: Liska Richer 2017-2018 PDF
Borui Yang Campus + Community Planning: Ralph Wells APPP 506 Buildings, Energy, Transportation Chemical and Biological Engineering: Vladan Prodanovic 2017-2018 PDF
Guan-Ji Pu, Jivin Jawanda, Manmeet Sital, Tamara Kryschuk, Vanessa Liang UBC Botanical Garden & Centre for Plant Research: Tara Moreau PSYC 321 Biodiversity, Community, Waste Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability: Jiaying Zhao 2017-2018 PDF
Cole Brassington, Janica Lao, Azhar Merchant, Chihiro Omori, Qianqian Wu Enrolment Services: Cara Low; Enrolment Services: Heather Mitchell COMM 486M Community, Finance, Health, Wellbeing Sauder School of Business: Mary Connolly 2017-2018 PDF
Hilary Kuo, Sydney MacLennan, Yu Qing (Sunnie) Tang, Mercy Wanalo Sprouts: Meryn Corkery; Sprouts: Sarah Siska LFS 450 Community, Food, Wellbeing Land and Food Systems, Faculty of: Liska Richer 2017-2018 PDF
Sarah Bishop, Ivan Brodsky, Kenny Chan, Yau Ching (Norain) Chang, Ayishah Chui, Jules (Jim) Dema-Ala, Alexander (Alex) DeRoehn, Allan Du, Jane Yue Man Ho, Alyx Hough, Jiahui Huang, Xueyao (Iris) Jiang, Jivan Khera, Elisa Kwun, Peiyang (Leo) Li, Wing Yau (Esther) Li, Teresa Maddison, Colin Mbugua, Leonardo Nicoletti, Jennifer Reid, Jake Robertson, Sol Rodriguez, Eva Snyder, Christopher (Chris) Speirs, Doris Sun, Tony Tse, Emily Tu, Sonam Vohra, Wilson Wang, Michelle Whiticar, Yifan Yuan Building Operations Vancouver Campus: Jeff Nulty; Campus + Community Planning: Dean Gregory; Campus + Community Planning: Penelope (Penny) Martyn; Campus + Community Planning: John Madden; UBC Botanical Garden & Centre for Plant Research: Douglas Justice LARC 444/553 Biodiversity, Land School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture: Cynthia Girling 2017-2018 PDF