SEEDS Sustainability Program

SEEDS Sustainability Program provides students the opportunity to earn course credit, develop professional skills, gain first-hand work experience, and advance UBC’s sustainability goals. Projects range in topic, scope, and size—what they all have in common is working with a staff client on a current UBC sustainability challenge.

The SEEDS Sustainability Program advances campus sustainability by creating partnerships between students, operational staff, and faculty on innovative and impactful research projects.

The SEEDS Sustainability Program, situated within UBC’s Campus + Community Planning Department, directly supports UBC’s efforts to advance sustainability and contribute to international commitments.

SEEDS engages approximately 1,000 students, faculty, staff and community partners every year, in over 100 projects to advance UBC’s sustainability strategic plans and priorities.

What we do

  • Advance campus sustainability strategies and strategic priorities, including the Zero Waste Action Plan, Climate Action Plan, Green Building Plan, and Wellbeing
  • Engage the Campus as a Living Lab by serving as a gateway to collaboration for staff, faculty, and community partners
  • Integrate applied sustainability into curriculum by tapping into our well-established networks and aligning projects with classroom learning outcomes
  • Create opportunities for students gain professional mentorship, experience and skills
  • Lead the Campus Biodiversity Initiative: Research and Demonstration (CBIRD) with the Faculty of Science and campus stakeholders. Read the CBIRD Annual Report.

Who are involved with SEEDS?

Faculty apply sustainability into their curriculum and align projects with classroom learning outcomes.

Staff and community partners collaborate with project teams to research and provide solutions to sustainability challenges. 

Students lead active research projects and gain professional experience and skills. 

SEEDS project managers work to frame sustainability challenges into well-scoped projects that meet staff needs and inform strategic operational frameworks of the university. Contact a SEEDS representative at to learn more.

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SEEDS Library

Access our repository of over 1000 sustainability reports

Program Highlights

A snapshot of our program goals and impacts