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In the News


26-Dec, "Hemlock-bamboo pairing might open Chinese market to B.C. product"Times Colonist

22-Dec, "2016 Year in Review: UBC's second century: moving from ..." Business in Vancouver

26-Nov, "Okanagan Charter redefines health care at six universities" University Affairs

25-Nov, "UBC expert fears Vancouver subway is still far off" MetroNews Canada

18-Oct, "Campus spaces designed by students" The Globe and Mail

10-Aug, "UBC completes structural work on tallest wooden building in the world" MetroNews Canada

2-Mar,  "UBC-Vancouver cuts greenhouse gas emissions 30 per cent" The Vancouver Observer

1-Mar "Wood highrises designed in BC are sustainable and safe" CBC News

18-Feb, "UBC researcher uses lynx and bobcat photos to study changing habitats" CBC News

3-Feb "Author and global food expert Raj Patel will speak at UBC" The Georgia Straight

19-Jan "Fish in the sea not so plentiful, UBC study suggests" The Globe and Mail


Dec-2015, "Integration and Regeneration", Sustainable Business Magazine

7-Dec-2015, "UBC residence will be one of world’s tallest wood buildings", University Affairs

7-Dec-2015, "UBC, Canadian Aviation Industry to Collaborate on Making Biofuel from Forest-Industry Waste", Design Engineering

27-October-2015, "UBC named most sustainable university in Canada", Vancity Buzz

15-October, "UBC Residence Building Would Join World's Tallest Wooden Structures", Huffington Post

7-July-2015, "Seabird population down 70 per cent around the world, say UBC researchers", The Vancouver Sun

6-July-2015, "B.C. fires exacerbated by climate change, expert says", CBC News

2-July-2015, "Rising CO2 levels redistributing the world’s food fish: UBC study", The Vancouver Sun

14-June-2015, "UBC scientists help trees adapt to new conditions of a changing climate", Global News

17-May-2015, "Seeking green motivation: How to reduce your carbon footprint", The Globe and Mail

6-April-2015, "Glaciers in the Rockies could virtually disappear by 2100: UBC", CTV News

29-January-2015, “Our Campus: John Robinson is sailing UBC toward a sustainable future,” The Ubyssey

27-January-2015, “Last Words: UBC – Allard, super sustainability and the fate of the SUB,” The Ubyssey

25-January-2015, “Sustainability report shows drop in water use, development of future classroom projects,” The Ubyssey

12-January-2015, “Smart business practices help UBC toward zero-emissions target,” BC Hydro


28-October-2014, “Show 14 Renovate and Build Segment2,” FairTradeWorks (Vimeo)

14-October-2014, “Bioenergy research facility earns kudos for Ledcor,” Journal of Commerce

8-October-2014, “Sustainability efforts aren’t simply a waste,” The Ubyssey

1-October-2014, “UBC prof advocates the eating of insects,” The Ubyssey

30-September-2014, “Refining real-time sustainability,” The Vancouver Sun

29-September-2014, “Video: Are you ready for a little mealworm with your meal? Yummy bugs on the menu at UBC,” The Province

28-September-2014, “#RippleEffectUBC Lab: Eat Bugs,” UBCEvents

27-September-2014, "How about some boiled mealworms for the main and deep-fried cricket appetizer?," The Vancouver Sun

27-September-2014, “Why eating insects may be on the menu of the future,” CBC News British Columbia

27-September-2014, “Learn about Sustainability on Campus: #RippleEffectUBC,” Her Campus

25-September-2014, “UBC is hosting a 1000-person dinner on Main Mall,” The Ubyssey

8-September-2014, “University of British Columbia,” The Orion

6-September-2014, "Why climate change is perfectly designed to be ignored," The Vancouver Sun

1-September-2014, “Vancouver: City to Watch,” gb&d magazine

6-August-2014, “Transforming the campus with car-free pedestrian zones,” University Affairs

30-July-2014, "Ventilated in Vancouver," Green Source

26-July-2014, "Colleges and Universities Finally Earn Back Carbon Cash," The Tyee

8-July-2014, "Special Olympics opening ceremonies tonight at UBC," Global News

2-July-2014, "UBC receives Canada’s First-Ever Platinum Award for Fleet Excellence," Fraser Basin Council

24-June-2014, "UBC to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2015," The Ubyssey

20-June-2014, "UBC receives $2M gift from RBC Foundation," UBC News

05-June-2014, "Green with envy: Rivalry makes people more eco-conscious," UBC News

05-June-2014, "2014 AWARD WINNING PROJECT: Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, Vancouver," SABMag

04-June-2014, "UBC sets an example for sustainable cities," Academica Group

30-May-2014, "UBC leads the way in green innovations," The Vancouver Sun

22-April-2014, "Are Climate Claims for Burning Renewable Trees a Smokescreen?" The Tyee

22-April-2014, “UBC one of Canada’s Greenest Employers in 2014,” UBC News

02-April-2014, “Scientists eager to participate in public discourse on environment,” UBC News

23-March-2014, “UBC student group conducts SUB waste audit,” The Ubyssey 

23-March-2014, “Music and architecture tackle sustainability,” Vancouver Observer

11-March-2014, “Newest Climate Change Victim: Fish Are Being Stunted by Warmer Oceans,” Yahoo News

1-March-2014, "The University of British Columbia finds new life in renovated buildings" Interior & Sources

25-February-2014, “Acidic ocean deadly for Vancouver Island scallop industry,” CBC News

16-February-2014, “WKD Morning News - Sun Feb 16 - Hour 2,” Soundcloud

16-February-2014, “British Columbia’s Bioenergy industry is creating a strong bioeconomy,” Biofuels Digest

12-February-2014, “Can the Olympics change our bad environmental habits?UBC News

29-January-2014, “UBC seeks student input on new sustainability plan,” The Ubyssey

21-January-2014, “Four Burning Questions for John Robinson, Associate Provost, Sustainability at UBC,” McGill Reporter


November 2013

22-November-2013, “Advanced education: Universities, colleges early adopters with energy efficiency measures,” The Vancouver Sun

21-November-2013, “UBC uses campus as a living laboratory for energy efficiency,” BC Hydro

15-November-2013, “Moo. #RippleEffectUBC,” Efflorescence UBC Blog

12-November-2013, “Were you wondering what they were doing at the SUB last week?Whatweshouldcallubc Tumblr

07-November-2013, “3D drawing shows how rapid transit at UBC could look,” UBC AMS

07-November-2013, “#RippleEffectUBC campaign promotes sustainability,” Academica Top Ten

06-November-2013, “UBC Ripple Effect campaign hopes to make waves,” The Ubyssey

04-November-2013, “Ripple of excitement,” UBC News

October 2013

24-October-2013, “UBC Vancouver demoing a first in CHP,” Cogeneration & On-Site Power Production

22-October-2013, “UBC Bioenergy R&D Facility is world’s first community-scale CHP biomass system,” District Energy

06-October-2013, “Recent UBC Conference Examines Issues in Sports and Sustainability,” School of Kinesiology, UBC

September 2013

25-September-2013, “CIRS becomes UBC’s first LEED Platinum building,” UBC Public Affairs

August 2013

31-August-2013, “LEED Buildings In Vancouver Edge City Closer To 'Greenest' Goal (PHOTOS),” Huffington Post

29-August-2013, “Innovative power system partnership provides rewards for GE, Nexterra, UBC,” Financial Post (GE Campaign)

29-August-2013, “Photo Gallery: Generating power with wood fuel at UBC,” Financial Post (GE Campaign)

August-2013, “Keeps Going and Going and…,” Business in Vancouver

August-2013, “Green Beacons of UBC,” Business in Vancouver

August-2013, “Masters of the [Green] Universe,” Business in Vancouver

August-2013, “4 9 10 25 33 41 44 49 84 99 258 480,” Business in Vancouver

August-2013, “UBC and CISCO partner on energy initiatives,” Business in Vancouver 

August-2013, “Nexterra /UBC honoured as one of the 2012/2013 Project Highlights,” Nexterra

July 2013

11-July-2013, “Climate change realism requires lifting veil of denial,” The Georgia Straight

June 2013

28-June-2013, "Intelligent design in buildings makes for better living, UBC researchers find," The Vancouver Sun

12-June-2013, “UBC makes 18 electric-car charging stations available to the public,” Georgia Straight

01-June-2013, “Sharks worth more in ocean than in soup, B.C. study finds,” CBC News

May 2013

28-May-2013, “Business: UBC and Cisco partnership,” Global BC

27-May-2013, “The University of British Columbia and Cisco Collaborate on Smart+Connected Buildings and Smart Energy,” The Wall Street Journal

24-May-2013, “UBC bestows doctorate on 'whacked-out nature worshipper' Tzeporah Berman,” The Vancouver Sun

11-May-2013, “Agents of change are drawn to green careers,” Leader Post

06-May-2013, “District Energy: a Proven Technology,” Construction Business 

April 2013

27-April-2013, “Sustainability: Are We The Monsters?: John Robinson at TEDxStanleyPark,” TEDxTalks

24-April-2013, “Change agents drawn to green careers,” The Province

24-April-2013, “Change agents drawn to green careers,” Postmedia News 

24-April-2013, “The adventures of the Templeton Environment Club,” The Vancouver Courier

24-April-2013, “UBC unveils Smart Grid energy storage system,” Journal of Commerce

22-April-2013, “UBC Vancouver Campus Unveils New Smart Grid Energy Storage Project,” Renew Grid Magazine 

22-April-2013, “Canada’s greenest employers for 2013,” The Globe and Mail

08-April-2013, “UBC Sustainability Fair (April 4, 2013),” Sustainability Television 

March 2013

29-March-2013, "Going with the grain, and building with wood," The Globe and Mail

27-March-2013, "Architects change recycling habits with design," CBC

25-March-2013, "A tale of two lunch rooms," CBC

25-March-2013, "Hidden cameras show 2 lunchrooms' recycling habits," CBC 

25-March-2013, “Big Earth Hour effort on Island,” The Vancouver Sun

24-March-2013, "Island communities outshine Metro Vancouver for Earth Hour (with video)," The Vancouver Sun

19-March-2013, "Vancouver crowned Earth Hour capital by World Wildlife Fund," The Vancouver Sun

18-March-2013, "Energy Boost," Construction & Demolition Recycling 

18-March-2013, "Wood Project Excellence Honoured," Journal of Commerce

13-March-2013, "The University of British Columbia's low carbon future," Troy Media

5-March-2013, “B.C. Wood Design Awards honour innovation in residential and commercial structures,” The Vancouver Sun

5-March-2013, “Mushroom farm a fertile ground for collaboration,” The Globe and Mail

5-March-2013, “UBC Is Heating Up and Getting Green,” The Huffington Post

4-March-2013, “2013 BC Wood Design Awards announced,” Canadian Architect 

February 2013

26-February-2013, “UBC district heating: Low carbon Lego,” Green Energy Futures

23-February-2013, "Successful SME ViLLab Meeting with Alberto Cayuela," Energy ViLLab

19-February-2013, "In search of the greenest building in Canada," Troy Media 

07-February-2013, “The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability is a living laboratory for green building methods,” Green Energy Futures

05-February-2013, "Mark Forsythe interview with Dr. John Robinson, "Carbon Neutrality is one thing. Carbon negativity quite another.""  CBC BC Almanac 

February-2013, “Bioenergy Research and Demonstration Facility – UBC,” Award Magazine

January 2013

21-January-2013, “Recycling CF Light Bulbs,” Global BC 

15-January-2013, "UBC and Fraunhofer Society enter $4.9 million clean energy partnership," UBC Public Affairs 

02-January-2013, “Behind the buildings: Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability,” The Ubyssey

September - December 2012

20-December-2012, “Start an Evolution Campaign Celebration in London,” UBC Office of the President

12-December-2012, “Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability – Designed to be the most sustainable building in North America,” SABMag

6-December-2012, "Follow-up: UBC generating heat, power, and buzz with renewable biomass-fueled CHP," District Energy

December-2012, “Sustainability: The Journal of Record,” Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.

26-November-2012, "Vancouver: Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability," The Danish Architecture Centre and Cities

22-November-2012, "FM Issue: Eyeing the End Result," Today's Facility Manager

19-November-2012, "Game models effects of climate change," Vancouver Sun

16-November-2012, "Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability: Wood - An Integral Part of a New-Positive Building," Naturally Wood

1-November-2012, "How a videogame could help communities avert disaster," UBC Reports

19-October-2012, “Exploiting British Columbia’s Bioenergy opportunities,” EnvironmentalExpert.com – The Environmental Industry Online

15-October-2012, “Innovative bioenergy facility at UBC,” British Columbia Community Forest Association

15-October-2012, "Innovative bioenergy facility at UBC," Journal of Commerce: Western Canada's Construction Newspaper

15-October-2012, "University’s clean energy facility wins KPMG award,"  Cogeneration and On-Site Power Production

14-October-2012, "Vancouver gets new renewable energy system up and running," BioEnergy News

12-October-2012, "A New Challenge: Beyond Zero Waste," Network for Business Sustainability

10-October-2012, "To CIRS with Love," Compost Diaries: The Conversation Continues

September/October-2012, “UBC first Canadian university to produce clean heat and electricity from biofuel,” Trek Online: The Magazine of the University of British Columbia

26-September-2012, “Clean Energy’s Dirty Secrets,” The Tyee

26-September-2012, “UBC unveils plan to provide more housing for students, faculty,” The Globe and Mail

20-September-2012, “UBC prof talks about his vision of ‘regenerative sustainability,” The Charlatan: Carleton’s Independent Weekly

19-September-2012, “UBC to get electric car charging stations on campus,” The Ubyssey

18-September-2012, “University of British Columbia unveils $34m bio-energy facility,” Cogeneration & On-site Power Production

14-September-2012, "Nexterra, UBC and GE celebrate opening of biomass CHP system," Biomass Magazine

14-September-2012, “Canadian university opens $34m energy facility,” Energy Business Review

14-September-2012, “Canadian university opens $34m renewable energy ‘living laboratory,’” Business in Vancouver

13-September-2012, “UBC first Canadian university to produce clean heat and electricity from biofuel,” UBC Public Affairs

02-September-2012, “Five of the Greenest Buildings in the World,” Awaken

September-2012, “Biomass Gasification System for Heat and Power,” National Resources Canada

May - August 2012

August-2012, “North American Projects Highlighted as Part of KPMG Urban Infrastructure Report,” Area Development: Site and Facility Planning

August-2012, "Making a Positive Impression: Living lab's environmental footprint goes beyond net zero", Innovation: Journal of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists

25-July-2012, “BC Infrastructure Projects Receive Global Recognition,” The Epoch Times

24-July-2012, “Canadian infrastructure projects earn global recognition,” Radio Canada International

24-July-2012, “Building Environmental Awareness in Teens,” 2Sustain

13-July-2012, “UBC building sets new green standard,” Global British Columbia

05-July-2012, “UBC – University of British Columbia,” University of Oslo Blog Post

05-July-2012, “John Robinson: Universities as societal test-beds for sustainability,” Your Olive Branch

04-July-2012, “John Robinson: Universities as societal test-beds for sustainability,” Forbes

04-July-2012, “Green building gives back to the environment,” BC Business Beat

02-July-2012, “Life-Cycle Assessments,” EDC: The Official Magazine for the LEED Professional

26-June-2012, “Building biodiversity in commercial Canada,” Canadian Biomass

18-June-2012, “Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability,” Foreign State

13-June-2012, “Perkins + Wills architects establish S.F. beachhead,” San Francisco Chronicle (SF GATE)

04-June-2012, “British Columbia’s best architects recognized,” Journal of Commerce: Wester Canada’s Construction Newspaper

04-June-2012, “Wood That Reaches New Heights,” The New York Times

June-2012, “Dr. Sustainability: Environmental Scientist of the Year,” Canadian Geographic

18-May-2012, “UBC professor named Environmental Scientist of the Year,” The Vancouver Sun

18-May-2012, “Environmental Scientist of the Year - Canada’s greenest prof: Vancouver might just be home to the greenest building in the world. Meet the geography professor who brought it to life,” Canadian Geographic

18-May-2012, "Universities can transform campuses into test beds for sustainability: UBC professor" Vancouver Sun

16-May-2012, “Architect gets kudos for Brighouse School design,” Richmond Review

15-May-2012, “2012 AIBC Architecture Awards,” Canadian Architect

14-May-2012, “2012 AIBC Architectural Awards,” The Vancouver Sun

14-May-2012, “Vancouver, Montreal, Portland and Minneapolis among most “bikeable” cities in North America: UBC research,” UBC Public Affairs 

02-May-2012, “Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) – Part 1,” Spacing Vancouver: Understanding the Urban Landscape

January - April 2012

26-April-2012, “Net Zero Certified: Two Buildings That Make More Energy Than They Use,” Phi Planet

20-April-2012, "The building that's beyond green," The Globe and Mail

7-April-2012, "Canadian Building Benchmark for Efficiency in Contruction and Operation," Radio National (Australia) 

10-March-2012, “Globe 2012: Campaign to end shark-fin fishery earns GLOBE Foundation nomination,” Vancouver Sun

4-March-2012, “Redefining Green: Dr. John Robinson speaks about UBC's Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability,” Canadian Architect

1-March-2012, “'Living lab' designed to be the most sustainable building in North America,” World Architecture News

1-March-2012, “The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability,” Architect

Spring-2012, “University of British Columbia Brings Sustainability Out of the Lab and Onto Campus,” Honeywell

26-February-2012, “A New Kind of Green,” North Shore News

24-February-2012, “Follow Friday: A Vancouver science diary,” CNN

20-February-2012, “Building Sustainable Future Needs More Than Science, Experts Say,” Common Dreams

14-February-2012, “Suzuki Diaries: Future City Webisode,” CBC

6-February-2012, "Lessons in Sustainability" Avoiding 100-year mistakes," Vancouver Sun

31-January-2012 “UBC as a sustainability sandbox,” letstalkenergy.ca

20-January-2012 “UBC Hosts Tour of CIRS,” BCIT Broadcast News

9-January-2012 “Honeywell Technology Featured in New Sustainability Research Center,” ACHRnews

January-2012 “The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS),” Architizer

January-2012 “Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability University of British Columbia,” Haworth

December 2011

28-December-2011, “North America’s Greenest Building Hopes to Pave Path for Sustainable Design,” SchoolConstructionNews

19-December-2011, “Best in Class | The True Story of a Little Building that is Transforming the Industry,” energyadvantage

8-December-2011, “University of British Columbia LEED Platinum building more expensive upfront but costs less to maintain,” DailyCommercialNews

5-December-2011, “University of British Columbia Claims Credit for ‘North America’s Greenest Building’,”Thomasnet

December-2011 “Across My Desk,” AutomatedBuildings

November 2011

30-Novemeber-2011, “Five most sustainable office buildings in the world,” Green Diary

28-November-2011, “North America’s Most Sustainable Building,” Creating a Sustainable Future

27-November-2011, “David Suzuki talks UBC after receiving honorary degree,” The Ubyssey

27-November-2011, “Is This North America’s Greenest Building?,” SierraActivist

27-November-2011, “Is This North America’s Greenest Building?,” ThinkProgress

25-November-2011, “Inside CIRS at University of British Columbia  - “North America’s Greenest Building”,” Orta blu

23-November-2011, “Inside CIRS at University of British Columbia -- "North America's Greenest Building",” treehugger

22-November-2011, “CIRS Opening Conference 2011,” Landscape Visualization

21-November-2011, “University of British Columbia’s CIRS Building is a Living Eco Laboratory in Vancouver,” Inhaitat

17-November-2011, “11.17.11,” Smart+Connected Communities Institute

17-November-2011, “British Columbia College Goes Uber Green,” Earth Techling

16-November-2011, “Beyond Sustainability: Talking About Our Regeneration,” Climate Access

15-November-2011, “New building will help UBC cut carbon emissions,” Metro News

9-November-2011, “Most sustainable building in North America opens at UBC,” The Ubyssey

9-November-2011, “The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability Ppens at the University of British Columbia,” AIBCeNews

8-November-2011, “The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability opens at the University of British Columbia,” Canadian Architect

7-November-2011, “Honeywell celebrates grand opening of UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability – CIRS,” Electrical Business

7-November-2011, “Honeywell celebrates grand opening of UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability – CIRS,” Energy Manager

7-November-2011, “University opens 'greenest' building to advance sustainability research and innovation,” Make It Wood

6-November-2011, “The Living Laboratory,” Jessica Robin Thomas

6-November-2011, “The University of British Columbia has unveiled the most the building in North America “Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability,” Sustain2Green

4-November-2011, “UBC opens Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability,” Academica Group

4-November-2011, “Accelerating Sustainability with CIRS,” Cisco Canada Blog

3-November-2011, “CIRS opens as North America’s greenest building,” Green ArchiTEXT

3-November-2011, “Will private developers pick up living buildings?,” Green Building

3-November-2011, “Accelerating Sustainability with CIRS,” Connected Communities Institute

3-November-2011, “The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability, A Net-Positive Living Lab, Opens at the University of British Columbia Today,” The Journal of Commerce

3-November-2011, “Honeywell Expertise, Technology Provide "Smarts" for New UBC Research Facility - One of the Most Sustainable Buildings in the World,” Automated Buildings

3-November-2011,”MOA Welcomes UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS),” The Museum of Anthropology

3-November-2011, “Video: Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability,” Perkins Will

3-Novemeber-2011, “UBC Opens North America’s Greenest Building,” UBC Reports

3-Novemrber-2011, “Harnessing Nature’s Energy to Heat an Entire Campus,” UBC Reports

3-November-2011, “Going Green Abroad,” UBC Repots

3-Novemeber-2011, “Window to the Future,” UBC Reports

3-November-2011, “Engineering a Greener Future,” UBC Reports

3-November-2011, “Outtakes,” UBC Reports

3-November-2011, “UBC’s Roadmap to Zero Emissions,” UBC Reports

3-November-2011, “Growing Social Sustainability at UBC Farm,” UBC Reports

3-November-2011, “Public Health Professor Pursues Tuition-free Online University,” UBC Reports

3-November-2011, “Turning Global Problems into Solutions,” UBC Reports

2-November-2011, “Accelerating Sustainability with CIRS,” Dr. Rick Huijbregts

November-2011, “University of British Columbia’s CIRS Building is a Living Eco-laboratory in Vancouver,” Inhabitat

November-2011, “VSB Students participate in the opening of Greenest Building in North America,” Vancouver School Board

September - October 2011

19-October-2011, “CIRS is for sustainability,” Real Estate Foundation

18-October-2011, “A sustaining myth,” The Age

30-September-2011, “Chinese developer makes Canadian debut at UBC,” The Vancouver Courier

27-September-2011, “More Emerald Than Ivory,” Corporate Knights Magazine

08-September-2011, “Mr. Sustainability Q & A with John Robinson,” Nature Magazine 

07-September-2011, “Q&A: Mr Sustainability,” Nature

September-2011, “UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS),” foursquare

May - August 2011


30-August-2011, “Creating a True Culture of Conservation and Energy Efficiency,” HPAC Engineering

August-2011, "North America's Most Sustainable Building," Katerva: For a Sustainable Tomorrow (blog)

7-July-2011, “Wood Revival at CIRS,” UBC Public Affairs

09-July-2011, “UBC Does More Than Study Green Initiatives - It's Immersed In Them,” The Vancouver Sun

23-June-2011, “Next regeneration: a building that boosts the environment,” Times Higher Education

2-June-2011, "Tipping Point: How CIRS will transform building water use," UBC Reports

June-2011, "Students fuel sustainable solutions," UBC Reports

6-May-2011, "John Robinson speaks at Sam Sullivan's May 2011 Public Salon," Youtube

January - April 2011

11-April-2011, “CIRS building recovers energy from a neighbour,” Canadian Consulting Engineer

31-March-2011, “The Tyee: How to Design a Building that Restores the Earth,” Green-ing

29-March-2011, “New Building Designed to Produce More Energy than it Uses,” The Utopianist

28-March-2011, “How to Design a Building that Restores the Earth,” TheTyee.ca

2-March-2011, “CIRS Overview with Dr. John Robinson,” Year of Science

28-February-2011, “UBC Breaks Ground on Biomass Gasification to CHP Demonstration Project,” Teru Talk

25-February-2011, “Sustainability: Lets Get Educated!,” Corporate Social Responsibility

24-Februrary-2011, “Details of Feb. 24 Lunch,” IFMA BC

17-February-2011, “UBC and China’s Modern Green to advance green building,” Globe-Net

10-February-2011, “Green Schools Provide Better Learning Environment for Students,” Peachy Green

9-February-2011, “How Green School Buildings Help Children Grow,” The Tyee

5-February-2011, “UBC, Chinese property developer join forces in strategic R&D deal,” Canada.com

4-February-2011, "UBC announces $3.5 million R&D program with China’s Modern Green building developer,” BC Wood

4-February-2011, “UBC and China’s Modern Green Development partner to advance green building research,” UBC Public Affairs

4-February-2011, “The Human Touch: UBC to Study Green Building Inhabitants,” UBC Public Affairs

24-January-2011, “UBC sustainability project will measure happiness along with energy inputs,” The Vancouver Sun

24-January-2011, “”Green” is the Way of the Future for UBC,” Norsteel

22-January-2011, “UBC evolves into a sustainability lab,” Canada.com

22-January-2011, “Sure we are saving energy, but are people any happier?,” Canada.com

12-January-2011, "North America's Greenest Building Hopes to Pave Path for Sustainable Design," SchoolConstructionNews

6-January-2011, “Restorative Buildings,” UBC Reports

5-January-2011, “Super Green Design for British Columbia,” Jetson Green

January-2011, “Sustainable: By All Accounts,” CGA 

January-2011, "Next Big Thing, Regenerative Buildings," UBC Reports

December 2010 

24-December-2010, “Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS),” Visualize us

21-December-2010, “Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS),” Abrief

05-December-2010, “CIRS – UBC’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative!,” Sifat Hasan’s Blog

04-December-2010, “Video: UBC Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability,” Arch Daily

03-December-2010, “The Ten Essential Renewable Energy News Stories This Week,” EnergyBoom

01-December-2010 “On the Web: University of British Columbia’s Upcoming Greenest Building in North America Goes Live

,” EnergyBoom

January - November 2010

28-November-2010, “Looking for less than zero,” Scope

25-November-2010, “The Greenest Building in North America,” CathayService

24-November-2010, “The Greenest Building in North America,” Bustler

15-October-2010, “The Greenest Building in the World?,” Business News Network

June-2010, “Above and Beyond: The sustainable features at CIRS far exceed LEED Platinum Standards,” Construction Today

23-June-2010, "UBC graduate students join city hall's environmental effors," Vancouver Courier

13-February-2010, “Super Green Design for British Columbia,” Jetson Green


09-April-2009, “New university building will provide an 'incubator' to help foster world change,” The Vancouver Sun  

17-September-2009, “Smart Buildings and Smart Occupants,” GLOBE-Net

19-October-2009, “The Future of Cities: Climate Change Denial”, The Mark News

19-October-2009, “Life Cycle Costing - The First Step in Green Building,” GLOBE-Net

24-November-2009, “Gaming the Future and Getting it Right: an Interview with Dr. John Robinson,” World Changing

10-November-2009, “ Federal Investment Supports New Research Centre on Sustainability,” Western Economic Diversification Canada

10-November-2009, “Building Better Cities,” Financial Post

06-November-2009, “Conversations for change on Smart Cities,” The National Post

04-November-2009, “2040 Vision: B.C. and Climate Change,” BC Business

04-November-2009, “Smart, green and humane - Smartshift: Conversations for change,” The Vancouver Sun 


21-January-2006, “The Ultimate Green Lab: C.I.R.S.,” Inhabitat