The Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS) was developed in response to the challenge of creating a more sustainable society. Its intention is to be an internationally recognized research institution that accelerates the adoption of sustainable building technologies and sustainable urban development practices.

Designed on the principles of regenerative sustainability as outlined by Dr. John Robinson­the active restoration and regeneration of the environment; and the active pursuit of improvements in the well-being of the community–the CIRS project is an opportunity to better understand the practical applicability of these principles and the implications for long-term performance and use of the building. Recognizing that the project is a work in progress, UBC endeavours to share information from its research and operations so that others can learn from the successes and challenges.

CIRS serves a dual research purpose as an interdisciplinary research facility as well as a sustainable building research subject. As the flagship demonstration project of UBC’s Campus as a Living Laboratory Initiative, CIRS was the first UBC project to comprehensively document the design and construction process, as well as collect data on the performance of the building and engage building inhabitants in research. Project information is made available to researchers working to create more sustainable buildings and urban developments.

Partners from private, public, and NGO sectors share the facility, working with researchers to identify areas for innovation in sustainable technologies and practices and to create a springboard for their development and widespread implementation.

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