Whether you’re at the start of your proposal or about ready to submit, we’re here to answer your questions or direct you to a member of the UBC community who can.

Application Guidance Meeting

During this meeting we'll guide teams through their application process, helping them ensure that their proposal is in order. This is a good opportunity for you to seek clarification on any step in the application process.

You are welcome to share your proposal with us, either before or during the meeting, for feedback. Should you not be able to attend, please email your queries to CLL.Team@ubc.ca and we will do our best to answer them offline.

Date: Tuesday, October 19, 2021
Time: 3:00pm-4:30pm
Location: Online




CLL Team

Send questions or request for support to CLL.Team@ubc.ca anytime during the application process. Even at the initial, exploratory stage of your proposal, we’re happy to offer feedback to help you develop your proposal and support you in identifying a project Co-Lead or seeking approvals for the on-ground demonstration.

VPRI Office

UBC’s VP Research & Innovation Office can provide successful project teams with access to specialists in knowledge mobilization, innovation, commercialization, funding development, and community engagement. For more information, visit Innovation Development | Innovation UBC.



Please note that the eligibility criteria for the Project Leads has been updated on October 22, 2021, to allow for an (optional) Additional Project Lead. The Project Leads must include at least one UBC Faculty member and one UBC Operational Staff member.  An optional additional Project Lead may be included, which could be an additional UBC Faculty member, an additional UBC Operational Staff member, a UBC non-operational staff member, or a UBC Post-Doc. Please refer the updated Application Guidelines for details on the amendment.