Agent of Change

The lessons learned in sustainability at UBC are only as valuable as the ability to apply those lessons in the larger world.

As an agent of change, the University aspires to teach future sustainability leaders, conduct important research and ensure that the University's private, public and NGO partners take the outcomes of our inquiries in to the marketplace. All of this is done with the view that, by working together, we are capable of contributing solutions to society's sustainability challenges.

As a university, UBC is mandated with educating the next generation of leaders. To support students in reaching their potential, UBC has established sustainability "pathways" that allow students, regardless of their disciplines, to integrate sustainability into their studies.The hope is that these future leaders will take what they have learned in the classroom beyond the gates of campus and effect positive change.

UBC offers more than 600 sustainability courses and 50 programs that range in scope from the highly specialized to the multidisciplinary.  A number of non-credit options are also available such as UBC Reads Sustainability events with authors, volunteer opportunities at the UBC Farm, participation in the SEEDS Program, and the CityStudio that brings students and faculty from Vancouver’s six post secondary institutions to work with the City of Vancouver.


Partners are key to the University's efforts because partners can do what the University cannot. Through partnerships with the private, public and NGO sectors, UBC is able to expand its expertise on sustainability and reach beyond campus. 

Private sector partners can commercialize and take to market technologies and innovations developed on campus. Public sector partners can work with UBC to develop policies and regulations and then share these changes with other communities. NGO partners can help with social licence and community engagement efforts beyond the University gates. Partners also contribute expertise, human capital and resources to projects that might not otherwise be available to the University. 

The more we work together, the larger the potential impact. Are you looking for a research partner to help develop a product, test a theory or create a new venture? Consider the advantages of UBC, which include access to our world-class researchers and top research facilities.

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