Faculty & Staff

UBC offers several programs and initiatives to inspire faculty and staff to make meaningful contributions on campus - across classrooms, labs and offices. As one of Canada’s Greenest Employers, these initiatives demonstrate our commitment to creating a culture of sustainability at UBC. Find out more below, and get involved today. 

Sustainability Coordinator Program

The Sustainability Coordinator (SC) Program provides UBC staff members with opportunities and resources to promote and implement sustainable practices in their departments.

About the Program

Developed at UBC in 1999, the Sustainability Coordinator Program offers staff members the support, awareness, skills and tools they need to foster sustainability in their respective departments.

Using two to four hours of work time per month, with supervisor permission, SCs help to:

Sustainability Fellowships

Sustainability Fellowships are awarded to full-time UBC faculty members who are leading the development of sustainability curriculum within their department or faculty. Fellows have a strong interest in teaching, curriculum development and innovative pedagogies, and hold either a Pathway grant to lead the development of a sustainability learning pathway within their department or faculty, or a Spotlight grant to revise an existing course with a sustainability lens.

Green Labs Program

At UBC, we are committed to advancing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the research footprint.

With over 400 labs across campus, UBC’s research activities require a significant amount of energy, water and materials. In fact, campus buildings with labs consume the most energy and water and generate the most hazardous waste.

The Green Labs Program empowers the research community to reduce the environmental impact of research-related activities by providing environmental best practices and sustainable solutions.