Photo: Jana Hanova

Faculty members inspire and engage students around sustainability issues, and find solutions within their own disciplines to help UBC achieve and maintain its global position as a sustainability leader. If you are a faculty member interested in sustainability, click on the links below to learn more about these innovative education initiatives or contact the USI Teaching and Learning Office.

Sustainability Fellowships

Sustainability Fellowships are awarded to full-time UBC faculty members who are leading the development of sustainability curriculum within their department or faculty. Fellows have a strong interest in teaching, curriculum development and innovative pedagogies, and hold either a Pathway grant to lead the development of a sustainability learning pathway within their department or faculty, or a Spotlight grant to revise an existing course with a sustainability lens.

Green Labs

At UBC, we are committed to advancing sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of the research footprint.

With over 400 labs across campus, UBC’s research activities require a significant amount of energy, water and materials. In fact, campus buildings with labs consume the most energy and water and generate the most hazardous waste.

The Green Labs Program empowers the research community to reduce the environmental impact of research-related activities by providing environmental best practices and sustainable solutions.

Research Excellence

UBC is an internationally recognized centre for research excellence. Within our 26 faculties and schools, faculty, students and staff undertake sustainability related research. Efforts also transcend traditional academic boundaries, with over 80 sustainability related centres, institutes and groups working to advance sustainability on campus and beyond.