Example Pathway: Faculty of Science

Most university courses focus on a particular discipline, but in fact all disciplines overlap or are influenced by others. The new Science 220 course challenges students to consider interdisciplinary perspectives - from science and engineering, to economics and business, and the social sciences - in analyzing and proposing solutions to complex problems.

In 2013, the Faculty of Science became the first faculty to initiate the development of a Sustainability Learning Pathway for their undergraduate students. A Sustainability Learning Pathway is a collection of sustainability-oriented courses and experiences that students pursue alongside their disciplinary major. Pathways may be integrated within existing programs, or offered as a separate entity such as a minor.

Faculty of Science’s module includes 5 key components:

  • Introductory course (Science 220)
  • Suite of electives
  • Real world experience
  • Capstone course
  • Sustainability learning community

The pathway equips students with the four sustainability attributes. 

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Example Framework

Sustainability Learning Pathway