Staff & Community Partners

Connect with faculty and student expertise to build your capacity to address strategic, sustainability priorities and operational challenges.

By partnering with SEEDS you will leverage the UBC SEEDS network to access best practices on sustainability and operations and gain connections for collaborating with other departments.

SEEDS projects allow you to access the creativity, energy, and expertise of UBC undergraduate and graduate students to build your capacity to address strategic, sustainability priorities and operational challenges.

Since 2001, the SEEDS program has formed 1000 collaborations between staff, students and faculty. Our projects lead to real changes on campus and in the community, and are designed to align with your unit or organization’s sustainability priorities and plans.

How it Works

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Our project managers collaborate with you to identify and scope out project opportunities using the Campus as a Living Laboratory approach. For each project, we partner you with UBC faculty and students who are connected with global research trends and developments to find innovative solutions to your sustainability challenges.

As a staff and/or community partner you will receive support to navigate the campus SEEDS network and gain access to UBC’s best practices on sustainability and operations. For each project, you help the team to define the research problem and challenges through initial project team meetings. There you will discuss expectations, identify resources, and set agreed-upon project milestones. Ongoing communication between you and the project teams is expected.

Most importantly, there are great benefits for you in being part of projects. By sharing your expertise and providing mentorship to students you will make a valuable contribution to teaching and learning on sustainability at UBC.

What to Expect

Each project is assigned a SEEDS Project Manager who provides oversight from start to finish. We work to frame sustainability challenges into well-scoped projects that meet staff needs and inform strategic operational frameworks of the university.

SEEDS provides an opportunity for staff to contribute to UBC teaching and learning on sustainability by sharing their expertise and providing mentorship to students. SEEDS Project Managers continually evaluate opportunities to leverage academic research interests to help advance operational sustainability objectives. 

A faculty member formally evaluates a final research report and we deliver it to you as the project client. Projects are published in the SEEDS Sustainability Library, and the UBC cIRcle Digital Repository. To conclude the project we follow up with you to determine implementation and to see if more research is needed.

Your Commitment

As the client, the average time commitment is approximately 10-15 hours per project, though you are welcome to provide additional contact time for students if you wish.

Your commitment includes:

  • Identify sustainability challenges and opportunities for the project team
  • Attend initial project team meetings to discuss expectations, identify resources, and set agreed-upon project milestones
  • Commit to ongoing communications engagement with the project member or team

Project outcomes

Outcomes include a report and presentation, as well as other deliverables to meet your needs. Previous projects have resulted in:

  • Prototypes: kinetic-powered bikes
  • Product development: Dynamic Projector Mount
  • Installation: Places of Refuge, Campus Botanica
  • GIS maps: Tree Inventory report and map, positive space resource people
  • Business plans: Children’s Programming at UBC Farm
  • Policy or guidelines: Community gardens
  • Program Development: Food Recovery project
  • Assessments: Bookstore Packaging Guidelines

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UBC staff acting as clients do not pay to work with SEEDS research teams. Many projects are completed without additional funding. The SEEDS Program can facilitate funding applications for up to $10,000 per project.

Get involved

If your department is considering hiring graduate students for a project to support your sustainability goals, get in touch with a SEEDS representative to explore how SEEDS can provide recruitment and project management support.

Looking for help with implementation of a plan? Leverage the UBC SEEDS network to access expertise in applied sustainability research.

If you have a project idea, fill out a project description form and submit to SEEDS for review.

Contact a SEEDS representative at

SEEDS Library

Access our repository of over 1000 sustainability reports

Program Highlights

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