Provide authentic, hands-on learning experiences for your students.

SEEDS is a well established and effective way to build applied campus sustainability projects into your courses. With more than 1000 projects completed over the past 14 years, we know how to connect student sustainability research with implementation on campus. By leveraging years of existing efforts, students contribute to more significant outcomes than would otherwise be possible.

We have extensive experience managing student projects and have worked with hundreds of faculty, staff, and program partners across campus.


How it Works

Integrating SEEDS projects as part of an upper-division or graduate course you are already teaching is the easiest way to leverage the SEEDS Program. You can also supervise students who are completing projects as part of directed studies, undergraduate or graduate thesis.


Under your supervision as a faculty member, individual students or teams work on a project for one term (or more). Completed student work always includes a final research report, executive summary, and a presentation. Student projects may also include prototypes, a demonstration, conceptual designs, full build, video, application, or installation.

A final research report is produced, evaluated by you, published in the SEEDS Sustainability Library, and delivered to the operational staff member who acts as the client on the project.

What to Expect from SEEDS


Our office works with operational staff to develop project ideas which align with campus operational plans, strategies and frameworks. We can connect your curriculum to sustainability practice and innovations on campus. We work with you to bring campus clients into your course.

Once initiated, we provide project oversight and project management during launch, implementation and project completion stages.

Projects are grounded in the Community Based Action Research methodology, and involve collaboration between researchers (Faculty, Students) and operational community members (UBC Staff). Operating through one of our several MOU’s, or working with our program directly, campus clients identify a need and request assistance prior to initiating projects.

Many projects are completed without additional funding. The SEEDS Program can facilitate funding applications for up to $10,000 per project.

Next Steps

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