Faculty provide students with applied learning experiences that address sustainability challenges.  

SEEDS is a well established and effective way to integrate innovative and applied sustainability research projects into your courses. With more than 1000 projects completed, we are experienced in connecting student sustainability research with implementation on campus and beyond.

We have an extensive network of established partners on campus and experience integrating projects into curriculum. The SEEDS team has managed hundreds of student projects and worked with hundreds of faculty, staff, and program partners across campus. We have an excellent track record in stewarding projects that lead to tangible change in addressing societal issues.

How it works

As a supervising faculty member, you provide expertise and mentorship, as well as evaluate project work.

SEEDS projects can be integrated into an upper-division undergraduate or graduate course you are already teaching. You can also supervise students who are completing projects as part of directed studies, undergraduate or graduate thesis, or professional projects.

Every project is assigned a SEEDS Project Manager who draws on campus networks to find suitable staff and community partners. They work with the project teams to develop well-scoped projects which address sustainability challenges. They will ensure projects align with your curricular learning outcomes and receive project oversight from start to finish.

Under your supervision as a faculty member, individual students or teams work on a project for one term (or more). Completed student projects always include a final research report, executive summary, and a presentation. Student projects may also include prototypes, a demonstration, conceptual designs, full build, video, application, or installation.

A final research report is produced, evaluated by you and then published in the SEEDS Sustainability Library, and the UBC cIRcle Digital Repository. Each report is shared with the staff or community partner and is subsequently followed up with by a SEEDS representative to determine implementation and if more research is needed.

What to expect from SEEDS

SEEDS provides faculty with the following areas of support:

  • Partnership development
  • Curriculum integration
  • Project management

Get involved

There are many ways that you can get involved with a SEEDS project.

Do you teach a class and want to explore applied sustainability learning opportunities?

  • We can help explore opportunities for your upcoming courses

Do you have a student interested in action-oriented research, or using campus as a living lab, for their undergrad or grad thesis?

  • Learn about our list of project opportunities, and see how their proposed research aligns with UBC sustainability goals.

Do you think your colleagues may be interested?

  • Invite us to make a presentation to your department or faculty on the benefits of collaborating with SEEDS

Contact a SEEDS representative at seeds.info@ubc.ca

SEEDS Library

Access our repository of over 1000 sustainability reports

Program Highlights

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