Continuing Education Options

Certificate programs offered by UBC academic units provide opportunities for practicing professionals to advance their sustainability learning in fields ranging from watershed management to health & wellness education.

UBC Certificate in Watershed Management

The Certificate in Watershed Management program is offered by UBC's Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability. This program familiarizes practicing professionals with the interdisciplinary nature inherent in watershed management while also providing a more detailed understanding of particular aspects. It will increase participants’ understanding of the ways in which knowledge from a number of disciplinary areas must be linked, and the collaboration required to resolve the escalating number of water resource conflicts. Elective courses allow participants to focus on specific aspects of watershed management that relate to their area of interest.

Health & Wellness Education Certificate Program

The Health & Wellness Education Certificate Program is offered by UBC’s Faculty of Education, External Programs and Learning Technologies. This program aligns with the education movement that recognizes that healthy children and youth are better able to learn and that schools are well suited to influence students’ health.  Given initiatives such as HealthySchools and ActNowBC, this program contributes to the ongoing development of knowledge and skills in the area of Health Education for current educators.

English for the Global Citizen

English for the Global Citizen is an ESL program that encompasses the ideal of "a place of mind" while giving you the opportunity to improve your English conversation skills through a self-reflective approach of learning through the lens of Global Citizenship, Civil Society, and Sustainability. Offered at various times throughout the year, this program offers you both variety and flexibility.