Alternative Credit Options

UBC offers non-conventional ways to advance your sustainability learning while gaining academic credit. Browse the list below to explore these alternative credit options, such as courses which integrate experiential education at the UBC Farm and opportunities for students to develop their own sustainability-oriented course.

UBC SEEDS Sustainability Program

UBC SEEDS Sustainability Program is Western Canada’s first academic operational program that combines the energy and enthusiasm of students, the intellectual capacity of faculty, and the commitment and expertise of staff to integrate sustainability on campus.  Using the campus as a living lab, the SEEDS program brings undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff together to work collaboratively on applied, accredited research projects that address real-life campus sustainability issues.

UBC Farm

The UBC Farm is an accessible and diverse field site for sustainability studies at the broad intersection of land, food, and community. UBC Farm summer internships offer a unique opportunity for students to gain hands-on experience at the UBC Farm while getting course credit. These internships are 4 months long, part-time, for-credit placements designed to engage students on a deeper level with their local food system while providing them with real-world work experience. Current Postings for 2018 include Agriculture Innovation Intern, Field Data Collection and Analysis, Food Business Operation Intern, and more!

UBC Faculty of Education

Acquire a bachelors or masters degree as a sustainability educator through the Faculty of Education. Programs include MEd in Educational Studies and BEd in Education for Sustainability


As an initiative within Vancouver’s Campus City Collaborative (C3), CityStudio Vancouver aims to provide students and faculty from Vancouver’s six post secondary institutions the opportunity to collaborate with each other and with the City of Vancouver on real-world projects that implement Vancouver’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan. The CityStudio aims to be an energetic hub and center for sustainability education in Vancouver by creating the world's most innovative inter-institutional campus-city collaboration for learning and implementation of urban sustainability strategies. The project and course work emphasize sustainability leadership, social enterprise, education of change managers and the development of green business. 

UBC students are encouraged to apply.

Student Directed Seminars

Student Directed Seminars is a student-driven program that puts you in charge of your education. An expansion of the directed studies option offered by most departments, this program allows senior undergraduate students to initiate and coordinate small, collaborative, group learning experiences. A student (or group of students), in the third year of undergraduate study or higher, proposes a course not currently offered at UBC. If a professor agrees to sponsor the proposal, the student proceeds to develop a course outline under the guidance of this faculty sponsor. Learn more about how you can propose a student directed seminar oriented on a sustainability issue or topic.

Directed Studies

Explore directed studies opportunities within your department or faculty as many offer opportunities for sustainability learning. Contact your faculty's advising office for more information.