Social Sustainability

Social justice. Conflict resolution. Access. Human well-being. Social equity. Diversity. Intercultural fluency. Quality of life. Global citizenship. Community building.

Although the term social sustainability receives far less attention in the popular press than environmental sustainability, the issues and concepts associated with social sustainability have been addressed for decades.

UBC strives to foster social sustainability in innumerable ways including:

The ways in which regenerative sustainability can foster a society that is net positive in human terms is an area of particular interest at the Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability (CIRS). Within the CIRS building, researchers are exploring the ways in which a green building can contribute to the health and happiness of  inhabitants.

At UBC, we are building a campus that is socially regenerative, yielding more social good--in the form of constructive dialogue and engagement in potentially difficult or highly contentious conversations, intellectual diversity, social inclusion and openness to complexity--rather than prejudice and conflict.

Social sustainability challenges us to take inequity, conflict and intercultural tension and convert them into dynamic human interactions and social cohesion extending and strengthening the societies we want to live in.