Campus Food Options

There are many options to purchase local and sustainable items across campus. Look for the campus logos coming soon at UBC Food Services and AMS Food and Beverage department outlets to help you select your favourite sustainable food choice.

Primary Campus Food Service Providers

UBC Food Services

UBC Food Services, the primary campus food service provider, is committed to becoming a leader in food sustainability on campus and in the larger community. UBC Food Services has implemented a wide-range of sustainability initiatives over the past decade, and currently offers an extensive selection of locally produced, Fair Trade, and sustainable food options. View a full list of UBC's Food Services achievements, or read the Green Report.

AMS Food and Beverage Outlets

The AMS Food and Beverage Department is the second largest food service provider on campus, and is owned and operated by the students of UBC. The department is committed to providing sustainably and locally-produced foods whenever possible, supporting applied learning on food-related issues, reducing waste, and fostering positive changes through staff training, menu design, and various community events.

For a full list of sustainable food outlet options, download the Sustainable Campus Food Guide.

Student Run Food Outlets


Sprouts is a favourite destination for seasonal organic soups, fresh organic bread, baked goods, and Fair Trade coffee. A dynamic, volunteer-driven initiative, Sprouts also offers workshops and a grocery delivery service, a bulk grocery buying club, and by-donation lunch on Fridays (Community Eats). Sprouts is located in the basement of the Life Building, and will re-open September 2018. 


Seedlings, an offshoot of Sprouts, is a new campus eatery that specializes in raw, vegan, and healthy vegetarian cuisine which is organic, locally sourced, and Fair Trade whenever possible. Located in the Thea Koerner Graduate Student Centre and open from Monday – Friday, 9:30am – 4pm.

Agora Café

Agora Café is a student volunteer-driven, non-profit café. The café provides affordable, accessible, healthy, local and organic food choices to students and faculty members, while training volunteers in food service and business management. Located in the basement of the H.R. Macmillan Building.

UBC Farm Markets

UBC Farm Markets

The UBC Farm offers two weekly markets from early June through mid-October. The Saturday Farm Market features farm-fresh veggies, fruits, herbs, flowers and free-range eggs from the UBC Farm, prepared foods and a variety of other local growers, bakers, craftspeople, and live musicians. The Wednesday Campus Market features an assortment of fresh UBC Farm produce, providing students, staff and faculty members a convenient opportunity to purchase UBC Farm produce on campus.

Community Supported Agriculture

CSA Boxes on Campus

Love healthy, local, organic food grown right on campus? UBC has several Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)s, which enable students, staff, faculty or residents to buy a “share” of food for a whole season’s worth of goods. Learn more about CSAs in the Sustainable Campus Food Guide.


UBC Sustainable Campus Food Guide

The UBC Sustainable Campus Food Guide aims to raise awareness of and facilitate participation in sustainable food system initiatives on campus among the UBC community for students, faculty, staff and residents.

Sustainable Catering Tips

Check out the UBC Sustainable Purchasing Guide for a list of Sustainable Catering Tips and Service Provider options around campus.


Campus Food Labels Initiative

New UBC campus food labels (based on the SEEDS LOV labels developed in 2008) are being developed. The labels will help consumers identify which products are local, produced on campus, vegan/vegetarian, contain UBC Farm products, and more. The new labels will be launched in Spring 2013.