Economic Sustainability

Inside and outside UBC's classrooms, students and faculty investigate, debate and research the many dimensions of economic sustainability including the social economy, First Nations economic development, the New Economy movement, buy local, Fair Trade and more.

The Centre for Social Innovation and Impact Investing (S3i), at the Sauder School of Business, focuses on four areas of economic sustainability: low carbon economy, First Nations development, impact investing and social innovation.

We are also working with suppliers to encourage them to align with our sustainability objectives. We’re asking suppliers to think of creative ways to ship to us, to reuse or recycle packaging, and to have a plan for leftover materials.

The UBC Bookstore has worked together with Oxfam Canada to promote its ‘No Sweat’ Policy. The policy ensures buyers will only purchase clothing from suppliers and manufacturers who employ fair labour practices and who are both environmentally and socially responsible.

A number of UBC courses develop understanding of economic sustainability.  A sampling includes: