What You Can Do

UBC has developed the following programs and resources for students, staff, and faculty members to help us reach our climate and energy goals. And there are lots of ways for you to get involved.


View energy use in real time in your building via the Pulse Building Dashboard.

UBC has launched a Building Tune-Up program, in partnership with BC Hydro, to tweak the systems in 72 buildings to use less electricity and steam, while maintaining—or even improving—your comfort.

Visit the dashboard, provided by Pulse Energy, at any time to monitor your building’s monthly, weekly or daily energy performance in real time.

Energy Conservation Challenges

UBC has created several energy conservation challenges to engage researchers in energy-intensive lab buildings and students living in residences.

Shut the Sash

UBC laboratories consume 10 times more energy than other buildings on campus, mostly because of laboratory fume hoods. The Shut the Sash Competition engages scientific researchers to save energy by closing laboratory fume hoods.

Aim to Sustain

Each year, students living at Totem Park and Place Vanier Residences compete in Aim to Sustain, an exciting three-week energy conservation contest. Residence students compete house-to-house to achieve the greatest energy savings in their residences or gain the most participation points.


UBC has designed toolkits for staff members and students to help implement energy savings in offices and dorms.

Sustainability Coordinators Toolkit

The Sustainability Coordinator Toolkit provides Sustainability Coordinators (SCs) with UBC-specific resources to encourage sustainable behaviours in the workplace.

Residence Sustainability Toolkits

The Sustainability in Residence toolkits provide UBC students in residence with all the information they need to integrate sustainability into their daily activities on campus.

Learn More

Students, staff, and faculty can participate in SEEDS projects related to climate or energy management. Visit the SEEDS Library to view projects and to learn more about the program.

Get Involved

Visit the Get Involved section to find out how you can get involved in sustainability-related courses and programs at UBC.