Diversion rates for campus operations are stuck at around 60% due to a number of challenges including:

  • Many of us find the range of food ware items (e.g. take-out food containers) and how to recycle and compost them confusing
  • Contamination of food scraps for composting with single-use plastic items

Introducing a food ware strategy and policy will help us reduce, recycle and compost waste more effectively. 

It will also provide clear direction for food businesses operating at UBC, better alignment and consistency between UBC campus and the City of Vancouver, and flexibility when needed.

Diversion rates for campus operations are stuck at around 60% due to a number of challenges.


In May 2018, UBC’s Campus + Community Planning department held consultations with UBC Vancouver food service stakeholders. A follow-up survey was also distributed. Through this process we captured lots of input and ideas which are helping us craft food ware policies and strategy.

Download a copy of the consultation report.

Based on what we heard, we’re working on a draft strategy to distribute for comment, with a goal of finalizing in early 2019. 

Our initial strategy will apply primarily to food outlets on the academic campus at UBC Vancouver, and may include policy or other approaches to ensure effective implementation.


Last year we began collaborating with Metro Vancouver and the City of Vancouver on the development of our Zero Waste Food Ware Strategy to reduce and recycle single use food service ware and packaging, such as coffee cups and take-out food containers.


Get in touch with UBC’s Campus + Community Planning department for more information about our Zero Waste Food Ware Strategy.