The UBC Sustainability Scholars Program attracts bright, enthusiastic, and motivated graduate students with the skills and capabilities to help you achieve your organizational sustainability goals.


We are currently accepting project proposals from partner organizations interested in participating in the summer 2020 program. Proposal deadline is November 15, 2019

As a program partner, you can engage skilled and enthusiastic UBC graduate students to work on projects that help find solutions to your organization's sustainability challenges. 

Participation in the program provides:

  • Added capacity, fresh ideas, and robust research contributions 
  • An opportunity to provide professional mentorship to a motivated and skilled graduate student 
  • Access to a diverse pool of applicants and a chance to evaluate potential future employees
  • Involvement in a collaborative partnership with UBC to advance sustainability 


We accept a very broad range of projects, but preferred projects have the following qualities:

  • The primary project tasks involve research related to your organization’s sustainability goals
  • The scope offers sufficient challenge to a graduate student and allows them to engage in a larger, meaningful project with minimal routine clerical work
  • The deliverables are manageable within the allotted 250 hours of work
  • There is evident value to your organization, and the Scholar’s work will be actionable
  • A mentor with relevant expertise from within your organization is available to provide guidance to the Scholar throughout the project


As a project partner, you will:

  • Develop and submit a project proposal (we work with you to refine and agree on the final project scope)
  • Interview short-listed candidates, perform reference checks, and select a candidate
  • Assign a mentor to guide and advise the Scholar over the course of the project
  • Contribute $6125 per Scholar to cover their salary and the cost of mandatory benefits (e.g., EI, WCB, CPP, HTX) for 250 hours of work. Note that 250 hours is the standard project duration, however during the summer term we are happy to support projects that take up to 500 hours to complete.

The UBC Sustainability Scholars Program will:

  • Promote projects to UBC graduates students across a wide range of academic disciplines
  • Manage and shortlist incoming student applications
  • Provide up to 5 applications for consideration and selection
  • Deliver a program orientation and project management workshop at the beginning of the project term
  • Provide ongoing administrative and program management support throughout the duration of the project
  • Host an annual conference to share applied research findings
  • Offer ongoing media and communications support to promote the program, our partners, and the outcomes of Scholars projects



The deadline to submit a project proposal for the Summer 2020 program is November 15. 

We would be delighted to discuss your ideas for a project. Please get in touch to request a proposal template or to arrange a phone call or meeting to get started.