Meet our 2018-19 Student Sustainability Council and learn more about how they’re improving sustainability efforts both on-and-off campus.


Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs Student Association
Student Sustainability Council Facilitator

Denby is in her first year of the Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPPGA) program. She is passionate about environmental policy, particularly relating to the low-carbon energy transition and zero waste. Since the MPPGA Student Association is composed of students focused on creating global change, Denby believes that sustainability should be considered in every decision-making process, both within the association and beyond. She hopes to engage fellow students to consider their environmental impact at MPPGA events and to promote sustainable initiatives.


UBC Climate Hub
Adriana is actively involved in the climate and sustainability community at UBC. She's been a Sustainability Ambassador, worked for C+CP, AMS Sustainability and the Sustainability Collective, and is currently working for the Climate Hub. She is passionate about climate justice and creating a more sustainable and equitable world!


Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability 
UBC Botanical Garden

Andrea is a master student at the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability, working under the supervision of Dr. Jiaying Zhao. Her research interests focus on behavioural sustainability, specifically waste reduction and how to encourage more responsible consumption patterns. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Geography from The University of Melbourne, and enjoys running, hiking, playing soccer, and skiing. 


Geography Students Association
I’m a fifth-year undergrad student majoring in Environment and Sustainability (Geography). As the Vice President of Sustainability for the Geography Students Association (GSA), I’m super passionate about all the amazing sustainability initiatives on campus. I’m easy going and always stoked to meet new people and have engaging conversations, so feel free to come up and chat with me if you’re interested in how to get involved on campus, or just want to say hi!


UBC Farm
Ari is a third-year undergraduate student in the Global Resource Systems program, with a focus on sustainable agriculture and community planning. She is curious and excited to more deeply explore the intersections of sustainable food systems with various institutions such as public schools, universities, prisons, and hospitals. Ari volunteers at the UBC Farm and will be involved with Roots on the Roof this upcoming semester.


Environmental Sciences Students’ Association
I’m in my third-year of an Environmental Science degree with a specialization in Land, Air and Water. I represent the Environmental Sciences Students Association (ESSA), where I am the VP of Sustainability and connect people with sustainability opportunities. Currently pursuing a zero-waste lifestyle, I am like a crazy cat lady, but with reusable containers. I never leave the house without them and plan my purchases ahead so that I can avoid the creation of waste throughout my day. I currently work for Green Chair Recycling, a company that provides sustainability training and waste diversion services for events in the lower mainland, and aspire to positively influence others in reducing and being mindful of their own waste, while developing a sense of environmental stewardship. Every little bit counts!


Land and Food Systems Undergraduate Society
I'm a second-year student in Global Resource Systems and am an impassioned advocate for sustainability and empathetic living, especially on campus! I’m especially focused on food sustainability and how our daily choices influence the health of our planet.


Deborah is an Anthropology student associated with IdeasXChange (IDX), a social innovation club promoting sustainability. As Vice President of External Relations, she hosts public forums, workshops, and case competitions about social and environmental issues. Deborah is passionate about being a catalyst for change in the community by creating interdisciplinary and cross-cultural strategies for climate issues.


UBC Sustaingineering
I’m a fourth-year Land and Food Systems student representing UBC Sustaingineering. We are interested in working to design and apply clean energy solutions in developing communities, and are currently working with an NGO in Nicaragua to optimize agricultural solar pumps.


Roots on the Roof
UBC Biodesign Conference

I’m a second-year student in Conservation, but have extremely diverse interests! I love talking about art, media, design, entrepreneurship, and—obviously—sustainability.


UBC Oceanography
Jonathan is from Vancouver, is the Vice President of UBC Oceanography, and loves the beach!


Common Energy
Growing up in Sweden, my love for education has taken me around the world. Having studied in countries including France and Costa Rica, I believe that education is the core of sustainable movements and climate-conscious initiatives. It was through my educational experiences in Costa Rica that I became devoted to replacing old environmentally destructive practices with more sustainable alternatives as we enhance our learning of how to better care for each other and the planet.


Wellness Peers
Laura is a PhD candidate who is interested in sustainability—including environmental and social sustainability—and a Graduate Wellness Peer. Wellness Peers facilitate workshops and events on campus to promote well-being, including Thrive and Stress Less for Exam Success. 


I'm a PhD Candidate researching information sustainability—specifically, automating the disposal of all of that extra data we're creating and accumulating in a context where information, communication, and technology now represent about two percent of global energy use. I was a UBC Sustainability Scholar in 2017 and am an aspiring beekeeper.


UBC Sustainability Ambassadors
I was raised near Boston, Massachusetts in the suburbs. As a kid, I always wondered why some neighbourhoods had ample urban greenery and systems of waste reduction while others do not. In my time at UBC, I have studied how globalization and capitalism shape cities, development, class relations, and sustainability. Outside of class, I work in community development and partnership management at the Canadian Diabetes Association. I love hiking, spelunking (caving) and, most of all, food! As a Sustainability Ambassador and Student Sustainability Council Representative, I want to help make institutional change by raising awareness, facilitating community-building and advocating for more just and sustainable campus systems.


I’m a 4th-year student majoring in Environmental Sciences, with an International Relations minor. I have been interested in the environment since a young age, but since getting involved with UBCC350, a student climate action group, I've delved into the world of political climate action. I am dedicated to advocating for meaningful action on climate change and bringing people together for movement building through various campaigns, such as fossil fuel divestment, opposing pipeline infrastructure and advocating for a just transition to renewables. I'm also passionate about social justice and Indigenous rights and where these intersect with environmental issues. I was the Coordinator of UBCC350 last year and am now involved as a general member. I also work with the AMS as the AVP Sustainability.


Michelle is in her final year of the Global Resource Systems program, specializing in Food Justice and Zero Waste. She represents Sprouts, a student-led organization aiming to provide students with healthy, affordable and sustainably produced food accessible to everyone. Michelle is an eco-feminist passionate about social justice, sustainable food systems and creating connections with the food we eat and all living beings. She aims to promote awareness about current pressing issues we are facing as a society to incentivize conscious decisions and collectively join forces to create a better world.


Sustainability in Residence
I’m a fourth-year Geography: Environment and Sustainability student from Coquitlam, BC, and am currently working as the Sustainability in Residence Coordinator, where one of our goals is to reduce water and energy consumption in residence. Some of my interests other than sustainability include traveling, and playing pool, as well as watching football and hockey.


Master of Architecture
Monica is a second-year student in the Master of Architecture program at UBC, coming from a background in Civil Engineering. She is interested in the sustainability of architecture and its implications on both the built environment and social conditions, and is committed to this area of study for her final year Graduate Project. Monica is also involved in health and wellness initiatives within ARCHUS and the Graduate Wellbeing Network.


International Forestry Students' Association
Samuel Adeyanju is a 2017 MasterCard Foundation Graduate Scholar in the Master of Science (MSc) in Forestry program at University of British Columbia, Canada. During his time at UBC, Sam has led and volunteered for various climate change, sustainability and forestry courses through his role as the Head of Special Events (Climate Change) for the International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) at UBC. He has spoken at various forums as well as chaired the organizing committees for forestry and climate change events at UBC, notably the IFSA Prepping for COP Climate Change Event in 2017. He was a youth delegate to the United Nations Frame Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of Parties (COP23) held in Bonn, Germany from November 6-12, 2017. Sam is the current President of International Forestry Students Association (IFSA) at UBC.


AMS Sustainability
I’m a fourth-year student majoring in Commerce with a specialization in Business Technology Management, along with an Environment & Society minor. My passion for environmental sustainability initially came from living near the great outdoors of British Columbia, and then grew through my studies in Environment and Society and my involvement as Treasurer for UBC Sprouts. I am dedicated to utilizing food to assist people in making more environmentally conscious decisions and reducing their ecological footprint. I hope to use my experience on campus to increase the awareness of all initiatives relating to sustainability.


Agora Café
I’m a second-year kinesiology student and on the UBC women's field hockey team. In my free time, I volunteer as an executive at Agora Cafe, go on hiking trips, enjoy the outdoors, bike, and play field hockey. I am passionate about the health of humans and the planet!


Materials Engineering
Women in Engineering
Carbon Fibre Bridge Design

I'm a sixth-year Materials Engineering student specializing in biomaterials. I am passionate about renewable energy and technology, and I hope that by joining the Student Sustainability Council, I will be able to bring more awareness to the difficulties surrounding sustainability around our campus.