Why Recycle Batteries and Cell Phones?

Batteries and cell phones are loaded with heavy metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium and nickel. Each year, millions of batteries are sent to the landfill, where they can leak toxic chemicals into the soil and pollute our waterways.

How Can My Department Recycle Batteries?

UBC has a Battery Recycling Program available for all departments, which responsibly recycles rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries as well as cell phones – for free!

Become the battery recycling coordinator for your unit. Coordinators are responsible for:

  • promoting the Battery Recycling Program in their departments
  • educating colleagues about the kinds of batteries that can be recycled through the program
  • setting up the Call2Recycle battery collection box
  • contacting Purolator when the collection box is full and ready for pickup

Sign your department up for the program.

Feedback and Recognition

  • Track the number of batteries recycled in your department on a regular basis, and share the results with your colleagues. Invite them to share ideas to improve your department’s participation in the program.
  • Acknowledge the efforts of individuals or programs making significant contributions to the Battery Recycling Program.

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Can you recycle batteries from home through UBC’s Battery Recycling Program?

You can also drop off batteries at UBC Robson Square Battery Recycling Program.