Although Sustainability Fellowships alumni represent a huge variety of faculties and departments, they all share something in common. A valuable contribution to advancing sustainability education UBC. 

2017-18 Sustainability Fellows

The 2017-2018 cohort of six Fellows include new and returning Pathway Grant holders from the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Land and Food Systems.

Patrick Robertson

Faculty of Education

Deeply involved in sustainability education and environmental learning for close to 20 years, Patrick is a teacher educator and consultant working collaboratively with a wide range of partners in BC and Canada.

An award-winning educator and accomplished public speaker, he is the principal of Syncollab Strategies, a consulting collaborative based in Vancouver, where he works to build strategic partnerships, influence curriculum and other policy, and manage diverse projects with a variety of local, provincial and national clients and partners.

Patrick also teaches in the Faculty of Education at the University of British Columbia and is a director of various community organizations focused on sustainability, social justice, literacy and the environment. His USI Pathways Initiative, with co-fellow Dr. Rob Van Wynsberghe, the Faculty of Education and community partners, is exploring Sustainability Learning Pathways in Teacher Education at UBC.

Rob Van Wynsberghe

Faculty of Education

Rob VanWynsberghe is an Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Studies (EDST) ( He has a PhD in Sociology. He has an abiding research interest in human action and sustainability, especially as influenced by social movement theories, and the purported links between knowledge and change.

Most recently, the social philosophies of pragmatism and practice theory are beginning to bridge what he considers to be important pedagogical gaps in designing socially conscious classrooms. Rob conducts research that defines sustainability as a global social movement and this conceptualization is the main reason why he wants to contribute to meaningful articulations between classrooms and communities.

Working in EDST is a significant factor in his claiming that such collaborations will succeed if creative thoughts, disruptive situations, new norms, and non-standard rewards can coalesce individual and collective action into a better society. You can check out his 2016 book here ( and for details of exciting new Education for Sustainability M.Ed. go to (

Hannah Wittman

Faculty of Land and Food Systems

Hannah Wittman is Academic Director of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at UBC Farm and Associate Professor at UBC, with a dual appointment in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems, and the Institute for Resources, Environment and Sustainability (IRES).  Trained in rural and environmental sociology, she conducts community-based research and outreach related to food sovereignty, agrarian reform, farm to school programs, and pathways towards a transition to sustainable agriculture and health equity in Canada and Latin America.  

As a USI Sustainability Pathways Fellow, she is leading a team of students and faculty on an initiative to create and deliver a Sustainable Food Systems Minor available to undergraduate students across UBC, using the UBC campus as a Living Laboratory. Her recent edited books include Environment and Citizenship in Latin America: Natures, Subjects and Struggles Food Sovereignty: Reconnecting Food, Nature and Community, and Food Sovereignty in Canada: Creating Just and Sustainable Food Systems.