UBC has over a 20 year history of pursuing operational sustainability goals and targets, with an emphasis on teaching, learning and researching sustainability. Where UBC demonstrates innovation beyond traditional approaches, is by integrating sustainability across these efforts.

UBC has committed to the integration of our operational and academic efforts in sustainability and the UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI), established in 2010, is the University’s agent in this innovation. USI fosters partnerships and collaborations that extend beyond traditional boundaries of disciplines, sectors and geographies to address the critical issues of our time. The initiative's work is carried out under two cross-cutting themes: campus as a living laboratory and the University as an agent of change.

The UBC Sustainability Initiative Office

  • James Tansey, Executive Director
  • Tania Chen, Administrative Coordinator
  • Jon Garner, Manager of Communications and Operations
  • Tim Herron, CIRS Building Manager

Regional and International Engagement Group

  • Victoria Smith, Director, Regional and International Engagement
  • Shannon Lambie, Specialist, Engagement

Teaching, Learning, and Student Engagement Group

  • Jean Marcus, Director
  • Alison Munro, Director
  • Karen Taylor, Program Manager
  • Kshamta Hunter, Manager of Sustainability Student Engagement
  • Jen Crothers, Data Manager
  • Diana McKenzie, Co-Curricular Engagement Specialist
  • Sustainability Fellow

Urban Innovation Research Group

  • Angelique Pilon, Director
  • Zahra Teshnizi, Tall Wood Building Project Coordinator
  • Diana Lopez, Research Project Coordinator
  • Bruno Lam, Impact Investing Project Coordinator
  • Thor Jensen, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions

  • Sara Muir-Owen, PICS UBC Campus Co-ordinator